Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Things that unnecessarily make my blood boil, in no particular order.

Poor spelling, poor use of punctuation, Extreme Home Makeovers (for what they spend on one needy family with over the freaking top amenities, they could house 20 needy families), inconsiderate drivers (how hard is it to wave, really?), litterbugs, homophobes, racists, most of the right wing conservatives, bible thumpers, ingrown toenails, mosquitoes, gnats, chafing, ignorance (and denying said ignorance), bad drivers, slow drivers, white cars (all of the slowest cars and longest traffic jams are usually caused by white cars, check for yourself)...hmmm, well, that's enough to get me started.

My posts won't always be rants.  Sometimes they'll be raves. Things I love. Things I think you should love too!  In fact, they are things I will INSIST you love!


  1. I agree with ALL of it. I'm working on the spelling, and punctuation. Your patience is appreciated. :-)

  2. So glad you started this blog!!! Requested your last two book ideas at the bibliotec--can't wait-I was so into 13 Reason Why that I feel at a total loss without something to read! Hoping I get updates to your blog via email-do you know how that works?

  3. I don't, Kathleen, but maybe if you're a follower it will automatically? Or I could link it on my FB when I blog?

  4. OK LOVE your blog already!!! I've read Thirteen Reasons Why and The Hunger Games because of your recommendations and truly LOVED them both!! My hubby and son (12) also read and LOVED that series (Hunger Games). I'm on another one you told me about now and am sinking into that one as well. I'm thinking this reading will be my sanity this Summer LOL!! That and a little sunshine. Take care :)!

    July 1, 2011 7:42 AM

  5. You forgot philistines, although denying ignorance and celebrating it might pass for the same thing. So excited I found your blog by the way :-)Already I fan and I've only read a few posts.

    1. I DID forget philistines! Thank you! And? My neighbors. Same thing. I will have a post regarding my neighbors shortly.