Thursday, August 4, 2011

More Summer Reading that You Should be Reading if You Are Not!!!

Okay, my peeps, I've been a busy summer reader.  Not as busy as I'd prefer, however, because my son has gotten me on a fitness craze. CRAZE, I tell you!  I've been walking 4-6 miles every day, and doing Insanity, and P90X!  I ask you, when is a girl supposed to read??? Only on the toilet??? Well, be that as it may, I've read three more books that if you are smart, and I know you are, you will add to your reading list...

The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.  Wow.  Yes, a movie is being released. I'd urge you to read this prior to seeing the movie. The writing is absurdly great.  You actually smell what she describes.  It's sort of the other side of Gone with the Wind, only told in the 40's.

The next two books are from one of my new favorite authors, Joshilyn Jackson. She is unbelievably talented, and sucks you right in to her stories.

The first is gods in Alabama. That is not to say that God is in Alabama, but that there are gods in Alabama, as she clarifies.  This book is hard to describe, but incredibly easy to read. It's part mystery, part love story, part humor, all of it, like a good's in there!

And lastly (for now), is the girl who stopped swimming.  Again, hard to describe, but you will fall in love with her characters, and you will yearn for more.

I'm currently reading Laurie Notaro's newest release, It Looked Different on the Model, and will catch you all up on that later.

Off to take boy to CrossFit. If you want to feel really fat, really lazy, and really out of shape, please, go watch a CrossFit class. It's soul-crushing.

Later, taters!